Wholesale Greenhouse Plants

McPherson Greenhouses has been growing and selling beautiful wholesale greenhouse plants to local businesses and garden centers.

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The Premier Greenhouse of NC...

Established in 1991, McPherson Greenhouses has become a premier grower of wholesale greenhouse plants in Chadbourn and surrounding areas of North Carolina.

McPherson Greenhouses specializes in hanging basket ferns, growing about 35,000 each year, but our beautiful array of different colored pansies have always been extremely popular with customers.

In preparing to open the retail division of our business, we have been adding a number of new plant varieties to our offerings, including geraniums, marigolds, and more!

Our wholesale customers include: 

Landscapers & Landscaping Companies
Commercial Chain Companies
Garden Centers
Event Venues
Grocery Stores
& Many More...
For 30 years…
Family-Owned & Operated
McPherson Greenhouses is family-owned and operated company, offering beautiful greenhouse flowers and ferns, and fiberglass pool installations

Aside from local businesses and landscapers, McPherson Greenhouses also supplies plants to local venues, including a VERY popular theme park!

In 2005, McPherson Greenhouses was awarded the contract to provide 65,000 plants for the U.S. Open Golf Tournament in Pinehurst, North Carolina. 

While we have added a retail center, we still use every inch of space in our greenhouses, and when filled to capacity, we are able to propagate and grow thousands of plants year-round, allowing us to provide our beautiful plants to everyone, including wholesale needs for our local businesses, venues, and more!

Logo for the 2005 U.S. Open in Pinehurst, NC