About Us

Family-owned & operated, McPherson Greenhouses has distinguished itself as the premier wholesaler of greenhouse plants in the Southeast US, specializing in a variety of ferns & flowering plants.

No project too big or too small…

Established in 1991, McPherson Greenhouses is a family-owned and operated wholesale plant business, specializing in luscious ferns of all varieties, geraniums, mums and pansies, among others. 

We supply our green beauties to businesses of all kinds, from local grocery chains and public parks, to professional golf courses and popular amusement parks, as well as other establishments in North Carolina and surrounding areas.

Our 3.5-acre plot of land in North Carolina has been handed down in the McPherson family for generations, dating back to the 1800s, and contains dozens of large greenhouses, each of which maintains and protects all of our plants from propagation to seedlings to full maturity. 

Up to now, the most popular plants we offer are our beautiful varieties of ferns and pansies, even as we add more species of flowering plants. McPherson Greenhouses’ reputation for growing these gorgeous ferns and flowering plants, along with our well-known landscaping projects for popular attractions have put us on the map, earning nationwide acclaim, but moreso in South Carolina and neighboring states.

McPherson has built a strong reputation in the region, so strong in fact, that we were awarded the contract to provide over 65,000 plants for landscaping the 2005 U.S. Open Golf Tournament in Pinehurst, North Carolina.

Growing gorgeous ferns since 1991...

Meet the Owners

Penny McPherson

Penny is president of McPherson Greenhouses, and oversees main aspects of both businesses. She is married to "Handy" McPherson and together they have two sons, Hugh Thomas & Hunter.

Penny McPherson


Handy McPherson

"Handy" is vice president of McPherson Greenhouses, logistics manager & head grower of plant material, overseeing day-to-day operations. "Handy" is the husband of Penny & father to Hugh Thomas and Hunter.

Handy McPherson

Vice President / Logistics Manager