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McPherson Greenhouses has expanded our greenhouse wholesale plant offerings to include everyone! Now, anyone & everyone can have access to the same beautiful ferns & flowering plants we have become renowned for!

Our inventory changes according with the seasons, but we’ll keep our site updated so you can visit our retail garden center and nursery!

Now open to the public, at McPherson’s Retail Center, you can browse our beautiful array of ferns and other flowering plants, which have previously only been available for wholesale and commercial landscaping projects only. We have the perfect plants to liven up your home, both indoor and outdoor! Our greenhouse plants are top-quality and need a loving home to adorn.

We welcome everyone, including local residents and the community of Chadbourn, North Carolina! Even if you are just passing through, we invite you to come browse our assortment of beautiful basket ferns and vibrant flowering plants!

Hanging Basket Ferns
Pansies (Various Colors)
& Many More...

Current Fern Inventory

Boston Ferns from McPherson Greenhouses

Boston's are shorter, bushier and softer than others

Boston's perfect for use in hanging baskets

Boston Ferns in a McPherson Greenhouse

Boston Ferns

Kimberley Queen Ferns

Kimberley Queen Ferns from McPherson Greenhouses

Kimberley Queen's are more straight, or upright, with stiffer leaves

Kimberley Queen's are great for planting inground or in a planter

Asparagus Ferns from McPherson Greenhouses

Asparagus Fern leaves appear soft and fuzzy

But watch out for the tiny thorns

Asparagus Ferns are great for hanging baskets

Asparagus Ferns

Expect a beautiful array of plants…
all grown right here on our family farm
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